Is Smart Theme an Online Store 2.0 theme?

Yes it is.

Can we put in a feature request if Smart Theme doesn’t come out of the box with some desired functionality?

Yes, and we hope that you do. Smart Theme is a subscription because we release new features quarterly. By contributing to our product roadmap, you help us ensure that Smart Theme is meeting your requirements on an ongoing basis.

Can you install app integrations on Smart Theme?

Yes, all apps that work with typical themes work with Smart Theme too. However, we hope that your storefront's dependence on third party apps is greatly reduced by using Smart Theme.

Is the Smart Theme codebase editable after it’s installed?

Yes, Smart Theme is just as editable as any other theme – Liquid, JS, and CSS files are all available to you. We suggest using our developer tools to make changes, but if that is not doable, the theme files can be edited just like a standard Shopify theme.

Also, the majority of our feature releases are Theme App Extensions that do not rely on your theme codebase being exactly the same as it was at time of install.

If I choose to purchase design and configuration, what content is required during onboarding?

Our design and configuration process aims to ensure that your online store follows industry best practices from the start. To achieve this, we request certain types of content that we believe will be important for your customers when they are evaluating your products and deciding whether to make a purchase.

This content includes frequently asked questions, featured reviews, reasons why customers should love your brand and products, lifestyle imagery (if available), a list of complementary products that can help increase your average order value, and your brand book (if you have one).

All of this content will help create a more comprehensive and compelling online shopping experience for your customers.

How long does it take to publish Smart Theme?

If you decide to set up Smart Theme on your own and want to get your website live as soon as possible, you can expect the configuration process to take a minimum of three hours. This includes setting up the homepage, product page template, and collection page template.

If you want a more thorough and customized launch plan, Smart Theme offers design and configuration services. Our process typically takes about four weeks and includes custom designs, review, feedback, and setting up the theme to your specifications. For more information about our design and configuration process, schedule a demo here.

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